• Perfect For Topping Up Christmas November 30, 2016
    I was lucky enough last month to win $1500 gift card to be spent at the mall so that was awesome - my partner was over the moon with what i got him & have got a few things for extended family haven't seen in 15 years - I love being able o give!
  • 1-Day Sale November 6, 2016
    Had an email to say I had won 1 on the four prize packs....1st win in a long time
  • Small Wins! November 3, 2016
    Won in last few weeks: -Scully's bodywash ( RRP $22) -Teenage Mutant Ninja turtles book/ DVD -Double Movie Pass for Hoyts -"The Coffee Club" Halloween mystery prize ( not sure what as hasn't arrived yet) . -1 x Free Hells Pizza -$10 Subway Gift card -TV Guide -Enid Bytons latest kids book ( for 9+ years old) .
  • Edmonds Cook Book November 3, 2016
    Won an Edmonds cook book will come in handy at this time of year first win for ages
  • Iheartradio - Disney On Ice Tickets ūüôā July 20, 2016
    Conveniently won two tickets to Disney on Ice. So stoked. Was lucky though because I had just finished moving house and we had to go back to pick up a few things and there it was! It also came with a couple of bags that included an activity book, signature book for the show, Olafs nose and a soft toy.    I cant wait to take my boy!
  • Chocolate Prize ! June 30, 2016
    Got a message on Facebook saying had won a Cadbury prize - a heap of chocolate ( including new Oreo flavour ) . So stoked. That should last for the rest of the year for my boys and I ( for movie nights, trips to the movies, outing treats etc) . Will share some around with friends too - of course!!
  • Prize On Doorstep Today June 27, 2016
    Gosh- seems to be hard to win nowadays. Last year it was much easier. Today we had a parcel in our doorstep for my son. He won a prize pack from the TV guide - it included kinetic sand, Quixels set and bananagrams game. Very cool and unexpected.
  • At Last, The Drought Is Broken! June 21, 2016
    Today arrived a lovely pair of New Sunglasses from Thats life, very excited , not had a win from anywhere for months. Thanks Tower for having somewhere I can check my answers.
  • Small Wins But Steady. April 25, 2016
    Won some movie passes last week from View NZ and also some of the new Griffins biscuits ( from More FM) . Am due to also get my first Blackbox for the year any day now in the post - super exciting. Hoping to get a few this year !! And have been getting heaps of surveys from Valued Opinions so have managed to cash out for another 2 Hoyts movie passes. Whoop w […]
  • Some Small But Cool Wins ! March 26, 2016
    I have won a few things - all small but I love them all. -A kids novel - TV Guide -A Tray of Moccona coffee ( not sure how many jars yet as won't arrive till next week) -A family pass to Willowbank Wildlife Reserve An Alan Jones print and 5 X 5pks of Vitafresh Juice. - $30 JB HIFI voucher And I have cashed out for a Hoyts movie pass on Valued Opinions ( […]