Win a Car

Imagine driving past New Zealand’s beautiful sights in a brand new car that you did not have to pay for.

Imagine the renewed love on the faces of your family and friends and the look of envy that your business rivals will be trying, unsuccessfully, to hide. Think about the freedom that it would give you and the satisfaction you would feel knowing that you have not had to spend a penny on this beautiful machine.

That dream can become a reality if you win a car and make the most of one of the best prizes you could ever hope to get your hands on.

Are you sick of having to park miles away from work because you don’t want your colleagues to see your wheels, or are you fed up with your children trying to hide behind a tree every time you drive towards the school gates?

This could all be a thing of the past if you win a car, and there are even more benefits to be had.

Forget having to hope and pray that your old banger will start on the morning of that really important business meeting, or having to wait for hours in the cold for a mechanic. A new car can open up a whole world of possibilities, allowing you to make the most of your life and the new roads revealed to you.

Your dream job a little further from home may now not seem impossible and, who knows, if you haven’t met Mr or Mrs Right already, it might be enough to turn that special someone’s head, allowing you to do the rest.

This might all seem just like wishful thinking, but it can become a reality. Someone has to win these prizes. Why should it not be you?

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